10 Amazing Facts About Water

A glass of filtered water.If you walk through the streets of almost every major metropolitan city in the US, you might see eyes fixed on Blackberrys, headphones plugged into ears and travel coffee mugs glued to hands. Today’s world is full of people into taking things such as iPods, cell phones and even the internet for granted. Everyone has a schedule, and it’s getting increasingly difficult for us to stop and appreciate how incredible the technology we are using is.

In a world full of fantastic but unappreciated technologies, mundane, everyday things tend to go almost completely unnoticed. It’s a shame too, because it causes some of the most incredible things in the world to be overlooked. Consider, for instance, one of the most important natural resources on Earth: water.

Everyone drinks water, you need it in order to survive— but how much do you actually know about it? What makes water so special?

Don’t know? That’s what we’re here for!

Ten Things You Never Knew About Water

1. Bottled water is on the list of emergency supplies put out by FEMA.

In the event of a catastrophe, the public water system will almost immediately become contaminated and access to clean Florida water will be very hard to get. Bottled water is ALWAYS a good thing to have in your house. Whether it’s for your convenience or in preparation for a disaster, bottled water has a very long shelf life and can go easily go with you wherever you are.

2. Roughly 70% of the human body is made out of water.

That’s right; you’re made out of water! Crazy, huh? That’s why you need to drink so much—water carries a bunch of the molecules around your body and brings them where they need to be.

3. The recommended daily water consumption amount is about eight 8oz cups.

It takes a lot of water to keep your body going – whether it’s from being out in the sun, sweating or anything else, your body loses a lot of water, and it is your job to replenish it! Don’t forget; this water doesn’t only come from what you drink – when you eat a nice salad or a juicy steak, you are actually “eating” some water too!

4. The same amount of water that existed on the earth millions of years ago still exists today.

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, and Earth is a “Closed System,” which basically means that almost nothing escapes its atmosphere. In other words, some of the water you drink could have powered a T-Rex at one point!

5. Water Bottles Can be Used as a Powerful Advertising Medium.

Everyone drinks water, and the vast majority of people are constantly drinking bottled water. In one year alone 36 billion bottles were sold… However, people are used to seeing the same labels on their bottles. Customized labels give companies the chance to celebrate an event or advertise in a new way—people will see your labels and interact with it closely while drinking causing your companies name will be stapled into their mind.

6. The Average US citizen uses anywhere from 80-100 gallons of water per day.

People use a lot of water on a daily basis. Everybody needs to do things like shower, brush their teeth and, of course, drink, but believe it or not the majority of the 80-100 gallons used is just from flushing the toilet.

7. Water can dissolve more materials than any other liquid.

No matter where water goes, it brings a plethora of minerals, nutrients and some chemicals with it! As a result, water can pick up some pretty nasty things. Purified bottled water, however, goes through a process that removes all those unwanted chemicals, and makes sure that only the best minerals stay in your water.

8. There is more water on earth than there is dry land.

Between 70% and 75% of the earth is covered in water, this totals about 326 million cubic miles of water. However, only about .3% of that is actually drinkable water.

9. After a hard work out, the immediate weight lost is from water.

During an intense work out, people tend to sweat a great deal, and as a result they get rid of a lot of their water weight. That is why directly after certain work outs an individual might have lost a good deal of weight. I hate to tell you this, but it’s your water weight, not fat! Sorry…

10. When you feel thirsty, you’re already pretty severely dehydrated.

Do not wait until you get thirsty to drink! By the time you actually feel like you are thirsty your body has lost 1% of its water.

Water is an incredible thing, and hopefully you learned a little bit more about it today. Nonetheless, for all of water’s awesome qualities, we still believe that one of the coolest things about it is how easy it is to carry around with you. Bottled water is an amazing invention and it presents you with numerous opportunities. For example, a good source of water to stay healthy and hydrated, a unique place for advertising, and even a way to keep your office focused and diligent without constantly having to get up from their desks for water.

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Photo by Greg Riegler Photography.

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