Four Ways To Encourage Your Family To Drink Water

Whether you prefer purified, distilled, or spring water, clean bottled water is a great alternative to juices and sodas.  Although water is critical for good health, it doesn’t have any calories.  Compare that with your favorite soda.  Even juices can have significant calorie counts, and are loaded with sugar.  And calories aren’t the only unhealthy thing about juice and soda.  Did you know that even with no sugar added, juice has as much sugar as soda?    The sugars found in juice and soda can encourage dental problems like cavities.  Water doesn’t have any of these effects, and actually helps clean your teeth as you drink it.  Here are four ways to get your family to drink water instead of soda or juice:

  1. Encourage your children to eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice.  Whole fruit has benefits like fiber and nutrients which are not found in fruit juices.  Did you know that the skin of the fruit often contains the highest concentrations of nutrients?  Juicing removes these nutrients, but eating the fruit includes them!
  2. Save soda and juice as an occasional treat.  Before the fruit industry began marketing fruit juice as a healthy alternative to soda, fruit juice was a treat to be enjoyed in small quantities.  There is a reason juice glasses are so much smaller than regular glasses!
  3. Pack small bottles of water in your child’s lunchbox to help them stay hydrated at lunch.  Having a bottle of water easily available will make them more likely to actually drink more water.
  4. Invest in a water system for your home.  You can also get water delivered to your home.  This will encourage your family to drink more water – drinking the proper amount of water is much easier when you have easy access to fresh, clean-tasting water.

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