The Benefits of Water During the Summer

We flush toxins out of our kidneys using water, our bodies are kept cool by sweating out water and nutrients are carried to where they need to be by water. Roughly 70% of our bodies are made up of water, and our body’s uses for it are incredibly vast.  Water is a vital part of life, and it is important that you drink a lot of it on a daily basis.  Read on for more benefits of drinking lots of water during the summer.

Weight Loss

Want to look good on the beaches this summer? Little known fact—water can cut down on hunger, and act as an appetite suppressant.  So, if you want to lose weight, drink some water instead of having that extra snack!

Improves Mental Health

Water helps move all the nutrients that need to be in your brain, to your brain. Like oxygen for example. Therefore drinking a lot of water will not only keep you healthy, but it will improve your mental productivity, health and creativity.


Staying hydrated actually rejuvenates your skins and prevents it from aging too quickly. It is also know to combat acne and keep your skin looking healthy.

Helps Cure Muscle Pain and Cramps

Cramps and Muscles pains are usually the result of a lack of oxygen and other nutrients in your joints and muscles. Water, however, transports all of these things throughout your body and therefore drinking water can help lubricate your muscles and keep away cramps and muscle pains.


The summer heat can get pretty intense at times, and this causes your body to react to the weather by sweating, because your body is trying to cool itself down. However, this also makes your body lose a lot of water, so make sure you have a water bottle nearby on those really hot days, or you might start feeling sick.

Gives You Energy

If you ever fell asleep during a class in high school, after yelling at you, your teacher probably told you to go get a drink of water and wake up.  This was for good reason—water actually gives you energy and works to help fight of fatigue.

Take it With You Anywhere

This is by far the greatest thing about water during the summer—the availability of water bottles!  You can take them with you… ANYWHERE! This way, you will never get dehydrated, or have to worry about finding water all the time—it will always be with you!

By the time you actually get thirsty, you are already dehydrated and although this is a crazy fact, it’s true! As a result, people need to be very careful and make sure that they are constantly drinking water—especially during summer.

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