What Makes Good Customer Service in the Bottled Water Delivery Industry?

When you are evaluating bottled water delivery companies, you are probably mostly concerned about price. Price is certainly an important factor in your decision, but there are other things you should ask about also – like customer service!

To understand the importance of customer service in the bottled water industry, it helps to know a bit about how the industry works. To start, there are two kinds of companies in the bottled water business. On one hand you have the large, national brands. On the other hand you have smaller, local companies which are often owned by a family or employees. There might not seem to be any difference between the two kinds of companies – water is water, right? But water is not the only thing you buy from a bottled water company. When you invest in a bottled water service, you are buying not only water, but also reliable, accurate delivery and customer service.

Water delivery is one of the industries where buying from a local company is a much better experience than ordering from a national company. Local bottled water companies have two advantages over national companies – speed and accuracy of delivery, and the quality of customer service.

Let’s take a look at the water delivery process. Because Florida bottled water delivery companies focus exclusively on delivering water to Florida homes and offices, you can be sure that your order will be delivered correctly and on time. Local bottled water companies are familiar with the geographic area they serve, which means they can deliver your water quickly and accurately. National companies have to worry about delivering water to the entire country, increasing the chances of making a mistake or delaying your order.

Local bottled water companies also have superior customer service. Superior customer service means that your bottled water company respects your time by delivering your order quickly and correctly, and addressing problems immediately. If a problem should come up, they are able to fix it quickly and efficiently. Instead of talking with a disinterested sales representative, you will be talking with someone who has a vested interest in solving you . This isn’t the case at national bottled water companies. Try calling the customer service line of a national company, and you will likely be kept on hold for quite a while. Additionally, sales representatives at national companies are responsible for large sales areas, and are rarely familiar with the entire territory they are responsible for. Customer service at a local company will be able to help you more easily with delivery questions because they live in your community and will be familiar with the areas they serve.

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