Why Bottled Water is Better Than Tap Water

Tap water has been around for a long time, but bottled water has been bottled and sold away from its source for far longer than you might imagine.  Thousands of years ago mineral water was actually thought to have religious powers and was sold throughout all of Europe.  Bottled water was also used to give clean water to the explorers of the western expansion in the United States.  However, it was not until the past few decades that people started to make health a primary concern, and began to demand more convenience from all consumer products. This caused tap water to finally take a backseat, and allowed the water bottle industry to really take off.

Why is this a good thing? Why is bottled water better than tap water?

Read this article to find out!

Health Reasons


When water is conglomerated into a large reservoir, chlorine is added to keep the water clean for the consumer; however, a good deal of that chlorine is actually left behind.  Tap water is drawn from these reservoirs, and testing has shown that the water has a great deal of chlorine byproduct.

On the other hand, bottled water producers do not contaminate their water with chlorine, and instead use purification processes that do the same thing.  Our water is comes from natural spring water, and doesn’t contain the chlorine, arsenic or benzene that tap water can have in it.


Water is very absorbent of other nutrients, and can soak up just about anything. Unfortunately, this means it can absorb bad nutrients just as easily as it can pick up good ones.   The Public Water system has a history of this, and people have gotten sick from simply drinking the water out of their sinks.

However, it is nearly impossible to infect bottled water after the cleaning processes it goes through—our water is routinely tested for pollutants and organic as well as inorganic chemicals.



The biggest difference between bottled water and tap water is probably convenience or availability. When you get thirsty on a long drive you don’t pull out a pitcher of water and a glass to drink it out of—instead you drink out of a water bottle.  When you want to go to the gym, you bring a water bottle with you; when you want to go for a walk on a hot day, you bring a water bottle with you, and when you want to eat lunch, you grab a water bottle to accompany your food. Water bottles are everywhere, they are easy to access, and they are incredibly easy to carry with you.

Shelf Life

One thing that makes Bottled Water so great and convenient is its shelf life. If kept in a dry area out of the sunlight and outside the range of toxic chemicals like cleaning supplies, bottled water can almost last you an indefinite amount of time and still be okay to drink. Tap water on the other hand, cannot be stored because it is not drawn out of a private source. Therefore, if the water system is turned off (i.e. in the event of a natural disaster) no one will have access to water except for those with water bottles.

Bottled water is not only healthier, but it is more convenient and has many advantages over tap water. Take advantage of it!

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